Joaquim Coll

I’m an Industrial Engineer that has complemented his studies with a Master in Cybersecurity and several Doctorate courses in the fields of Statistics and Civil Engineering. With more than 15 years of professional experience, I have focused my last 10 years in business and digital technologies, more specifically in the treatment of data from multiple sources. Over time I have become passionate about data, specializing in Data Scientist and Data Lead functions. I have led multiple projects with a common denominator: information as a starting point to help make actionable and quantifiable decisions that improve multiple areas of a company: from its relationship with customers, the improvement in the product or service or the definition of the business strategy.

In recent years I have focused my attention on customer analytics, acquiring extensive experience in managing the full cycle of data at user level. I have led processes of implementation of data management systems and I have specialized in the multiple angles of data analysis at user level: data mining, creation of statistical models, modeling using Machine Learning techniques and in the last period in the exciting world of Artificial Intelligence.

Big Thing Analytics is born of the enthusiasm to combine the continuous improvement of the companies through the better knowledge of its customers, with the revolution that humanity is experiencing in the field of information and data, that has its maximum exponent with Artificial Intelligence rising, with new models and paradigms that are now available to all of us.